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About El-Dorado

El-Dorado is the world's first authentic online pachinko hall!

What is an authentic online pachinko hall?

Players first create their own avatar.
After that, you can enter the hall with your avatar and sit on your favorite table to play.
In El-Dorado, holes are created in the world of the WEB, so you can see the situation of the balls being hit by other players as well as yourself.
Since there is a concept of "store", you can experience a new world view such as capture elements and event elements that you could not experience at online casinos until now.
In addition, since it is online in the current corona virus, you can safely play on your PC or smartphone while you are at home.

Features of online pachinko

El-Dorado is an online pachinko hall.
Unlike online casinos, you can stroll around the store and check the status of other players' balls.
In addition, since the operation is more like a pachinko parlor than a casino, there are machine-specific settings and ball output rates.

The biggest feature is the difference in ball and medal rates.
Pachinko is 0.038 to 0.38 dollar per ball
One pachislot is 0.19 to 1.91 dollar

Why can you do something that normal pachinko cannot do? El-Dorado is operated by a Philippine online casino company and uses a Philippine server.
Therefore, because it is an online hall operated overseas that has nothing to do with Japan, Japanese law does not apply.

Unit 4 regulation model can be hit

The pachislot machines installed in El-Dorado are basically developed under the regulation of Unit 4 in the pachinko industry.
The "Unit 4" era, which is said to have been the most interesting in the history of pachislot.
It is a new gambling that is sure to be very exciting because you can hit the No. 4 specification model at a rate of 1.91 dollar per medal.

Lots of events and projects

Currently, pachinko halls are strictly regulated "events", but in El-Dorado, many "events" related to ball ejection are planned.
I am looking forward to analyzing the characteristics and trends of the event and capturing it.